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For Sale: Madoka Magica Nendoroid Petite figurines

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Nendoroid Petite Figurines - All sold, thank you!
Shipping within the US is $3 for one, $4 for two, $5 for three, and so forth.
If you'd like it shipped outside of US, please inquire and I'll calculate the shipping.

Madoka (normal) - SOLD
Homura (normal) - SOLD
Mami (normal) - SOLD
Sayaka (normal) - SOLD
Kyoko (normal) - SOLD

Madoka (Magical Girl ver.) - SOLD
Homura (Magical Girl ver.) - SOLD
Mami (Magical Girl ver.) - SOLD
Sayaka (Magical Girl ver.) - SOLD
Kyoko (Magical Girl ver.) - SOLD

Nendoroid Petite figurines measure around 2.5" tall. All figurines are brand-new and unopened in original plastic packaging. Only the blind boxes were opened to determine the contents.
I'll ship within 2 days of payment confirmed.
You will receive the box, too, along with the figurine.

Please leave a comment or PM me if you're interested in something or have any questions.

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